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I was doing production weld ups of the Patrol and supporting parts. I am now doing design work for other projects with supporting Patrol parts on hand and priced right. Made in the USA- 100% My parts are!

I have assemblies that I assisted other builders in making. Check to see what is on hand.

  Cost for all parts are about the same as most standard aircraft parts. These are made in Iowa, the USA, designed, created and built right here.

 Tail feathers consist of 16 ribs, all profiled with 11 different profiles. These come, made to correct length, shape and with lightning holes.  These are smooth...no flute ribs. Made in the USA.

  Stinger style tail wheels available from Iron Design L.L.C.

Contact Scott for the availability of parts.

I run this company as a Designed in the USA --Made in USA--  kept in America, spent in America



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