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We are doing our best to hold prices to levels of 2 years ago through better manufacturing and design work. Most increases of late are due to increases in tires, tubes, and wheel rims.

Note: All prices subject to change, but I do my best to hold them for as long as possible between production runs. The cost increase the last three years has been less than 5%  A  simple email or phone call (see contact page) will ensure if the prices on this page have held.  Once locked in, they can be held with a $50 deposit.

Due to changing prices because of shipping costs, etc, all prices are now listed on the Order Form. Print the Order Form page along with the three sheets from the Legal button on the left and send them to the address at the bottom of the order form.

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All tail wheels are finished with an extreme durable paint that is resistant to chipping.


Price includes AN hardware for wheel bolts and king pin cap.


Total of replaceable parts if ever needed are about $35.00 but original has over 1000 hours with no parts wear.


Money saved over a Scott 3200 wheel, will reward you a brand new $500-600 dollar GPS or top of the line head set.  Plus no repair headaches.


All parts CNC milled for an "out of the bin", perfect fit with any other part. NO special made to fit parts 


All parts except the axle bushings are 4130 N steel, TIG welded.
Axle bushings are 1018 steel.


Lower bearing is a common metric bearing for years of service with a grease path cut into main body for easy years of service.

Web site www.irondesign-airparts.com

Made by Iron Design L.L.C.,

operated by Scott Weinberg

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Call any time, I love to talk planes!

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