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I have been building the IDT-8, IDT-8S, IDT-10 and the IDT-T (Iron Design Tailwheel) for Experimental Home Built Planes using conventional landing gear. The tail wheel plans were purchased from R & B Aircraft in 2004 and 18 production changes have taken place since. With the reduced parts count, strength increase on parts, self cleaning locking pin and precise CNC machining for these changes, the tail wheels are made to have very little upkeep cost.

Tail wheels have been
built for the Bearhawk, Patrol, Super Club Clones, BD-4, Pegazair 100, Glastars, RV's with large mains, Highlanders, Pacer clones and similar craft using a 1.5" flat tail spring, or 1.25" spring with shims, or a Cessna 185 style stinger.

Browse my web site for more information about Iron Design L.L.C. Check out the new Plane Parts button for other service items. I am producing a quality group of parts that are great in function and low in repair needs. If you have questions or would like to speak to me regarding our Products/Services please  email me at scottw@butler-bremer.com or call me 319-404-4401.

Thank you, Scott Weinberg